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A revolutionary new access control system

Seamless Security and Convenience: Your Access Simplified

Our advanced technology offers a next-generation cloud access control system that supports mobile phones, traditional key fobs, and cards via encryption providing high-level security. Not only is our system ahead of the industry in terms of security, but it also offers significant cost advantages.

High Versatility

Our system supports traditional key cards and fobs with high-security encryption, as well as mobile devices for one-tap unlocking and garage gate access with smartphones up to 100 feet away. Our hands-free unlock, wave-to-open, and remote unlock from off-site options offer even greater convenience. We also provide custom code unlocking, timed temporary code unlocking, QR code unlocking, and vehicle transponder entry, among many other options.

Encrypted and Secure

Our security measures at EntryOne include encrypted storage of all key cards, up to 100,000, at each door. Even during network outages, the encrypted key cards will still work. Meanwhile, the digital mobile keys are issued by the cloud server and are therefore unaffected by local conditions. At EntryOne, we understand the importance of uninterrupted access control. That’s why our system easily integrates with various backup power options, providing operation from 4 hours up to 1 week. We even support solar power as a sustainable option for our customers.

High Installation Flexibility

At EntryOne, our installation process is seamless and can be integrated with any existing system upgrade. For new installations, our system doesn’t require any network infrastructure, as it supports a variety of connections to the cloud service, including traditional data lines, PoE, WiFi, and 4G LTE. With our system, users can easily issue credentials for each door and mix and match different doors for user access. Additionally, our system supports emergency responder inputs, latch monitoring, and integration with alarm systems.

High Eco Friendliness

Our system eliminates the need for plastic key cards and fobs by offering virtual keys on customers’ smart devices. Our solar-powered and cellular-connected installations are perfect for remote and demanding outdoor locations, making them ideal for customers with large campuses who would otherwise need to install an extended network of conduits for wires and cut the ground for data and power lines.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that training for new access control systems can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly system management web interface that enables new users to quickly become proficient. Our platform allows users to easily make adjustments without relying on integrators, saving time and money on ongoing maintenance and support. With no onsite servers or panels to maintain, hardware costs are reduced. Plus, our access control system can be installed in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, offering significant savings in time and labor.

The top cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today

Top challenges companies face


As companies grow and evolve, their access control systems must be able to adapt to new locations, facilities, and a larger workforce. Managing access rights across different sites and integrating them into a unified system can be a challenge.

Efficiency in System Implementation

Introducing or upgrading access control systems can be a lengthy and complex endeavor. Configuring the essential components - from hardware to software and network setups - can interfere with routine business operations and impact overall productivity. Companies are tasked with minimizing these disruptions while smoothly transitioning to the new system, all the while preserving security throughout the transition.

Ease of Use

Access control systems can sometimes be difficult to navigate, with complicated user interfaces and confusing settings. This can pose a challenge for employees and administrators alike as they struggle to understand and effectively use the system. The need for intuitive, user-friendly interfaces is a key challenge facing companies.

Why ATOMIC is the answer

Inherently Scalable Solution

As your company expands, Atomic’s access control system grows with you. Inherently scalable, our system seamlessly adapts to new locations and a larger workforce. Our commitment is to provide an intuitive, efficient, and scalable access control solution that evolves alongside your company’s changing needs.

Efficient and Non-Disruptive Deployment

Time is crucial, and we respect that. Atomic’s access control system is designed for efficient implementation, offering a quick setup that doesn’t disrupt your ongoing operations. We prioritize security throughout the deployment, ensuring a smooth transition without introducing vulnerabilities.

Intuitive User Interface

Our system prioritizes user-friendliness, featuring a straightforward interface and settings that eliminate unnecessary complexities. The aim is to enhance ease of use, saving your valuable time and ensuring a hassle-free experience during implementation.

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