March 23, 2016

Consulting and Projects

1Among the many services we offer at Atomic Group, we are happy to provide our clients with IT support related to consulting and projects. Next time you have an IT-related project, we can consult with you and assist you every step of the way to ensure the project goes off flawlessly.

Providing Business Consultations

Part of this service is providing businesses with the consultations they need. We can work with you to create an IT environment that is flexible enough to adapt to any needs your business may have in the future. We can help you discover resources as part of the consultation or simply work with your company to nurture the ideas that you are still developing. Best of all, we offer a range of consultations, including those for short-term projects and those over the long term that ensure your business always runs smoothly from an IT perspective.

As Much Or As Little As Needed

Our team at Atomic Group is ready to work with you to provide as much support for your IT project as you need. Some companies prefer us to be in control of the whole project so they don’t have to worry about staying within budget or doing research on the appropriate IT solutions. Others prefer to remain in control and simply hire us as consultants to provide input at key points in the project. We can also work with you to strike a balance between these two extremes, providing just as much or little support as your company needs. If you realize that you need more consulting than you had previously realized, we are flexible enough to adjust the agreement and provide you with the exact services that you need for any given project.

Help With Unusual Circumstances

Most IT-related businesses have developed a system or strategy that works for their day to day activities. Even if you only need minimal consultations for your normal business activities, you may occasionally need extra support for an unusual situation. If, for example, your company is planning a merger or acquisition, you may be at a loss as to what to do. Since Atomic Group has experience in all IT fields, we are able to guide you through this process to ensure that your company finishes the merger or acquisition in a better place than you began.

Or perhaps you are planning an expansion. In this case, our team would gladly provide consulting services to ensure you have enough space, cooling, and power for your expanded IT needs. No matter the circumstance, Atomic Group can assist you with your next project.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. There are no strings attached and no requirements to hire us. The consultation is truly free and if you like what our experienced team has to offer, we will work together to determine how much involvement your company needs and wants on your upcoming projects. With the vast experience of our Atomic Group staff, we can assist with nearly any project, whether you want us to take control of it or simply provide consultations.