March 23, 2016


backgroundAs a company, you need to store your information somewhere and the current trend is to store data in the cloud as this makes it much more easily accessible. Instead of worrying about the necessary servers and equipment to host your data on site, Atomic Group can take care of the hosting for you. For a relatively low price, you don’t need to find space for bulky servers or deal with the general upkeep. Instead, you can simply use our hosting services to access your company’s information and data in a secure server without any of the hassle of upkeep.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is relatively straightforward to understand but harder to implement. Cloud hosting from Atomic Group involves us configuring your servers to be flexible. This way, you can pay for the amount of services and hosting you need and always access it easily through the reliable web-based infrastructure. Small companies that hope to grow in the future enjoy the scalable nature of our cloud hosting and even larger companies can benefit. We ensure that the server is secure so all your company’s important information is protected and only accessible by those you allow to do so. We can also backup your data automatically so it is never lost if something happens. Because of the structure of cloud hosting, an issue with a single server will not affect the other servers, meaning that your company can continue to operate while we resolve the issue.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting from Atomic Group is very similar to regular cloud hosting, but the cloud used for your company’s storage will only store information for your business. While regular cloud storage involves sharing some infrastructure with other clients, private hosting ensures that this never happens. Like other types of cloud hosting, they are scalable so you can have as much or little storage as you need and won’t have to pay for more than you require.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

In addition to private and public cloud hosting, we also offer hybrid cloud hosting. If you choose this option from Atomic Group, you will store some of your information on private servers and others on public servers. Most companies choose to use the public cloud for information with a lower security threat and the private cloud for data that is closely relevant to the company, but even public servers can offer security. This is a great option since public cloud hosting tends to be more affordable than private cloud hosting. As such, hybrid cloud hosting will cost less than private cloud hosting.

Regardless of the type of hosting services your company needs, Atomic Group will be able to offer them. We can work with you to set up any type of cloud hosting, whether you need public, private, or hybrid services. During a free consultation, we can even provide you with more information on the differences between the types of hosting, including their security levels and costs. Contact us today to stop worrying about where to store your data and enjoy hosting with room to grow in the future.