August 26, 2017

Compliance and Remediation-2

Compliance and Remediation

As a company, compliance and remediation are very important things to keep in mind. Compliance is particularly important for IT companies or businesses that use any modern technology due to the risk of potential security breaches. If a threat occurs, you need to realize it immediately and take steps to remediate it. Without the proper training, this can be a true challenge, which is why Atomic Group is there to help.

Why Remediate Immediately

If you have any compliance issues in your company, you will need to take steps to remediate them as soon as possible. If you put off responding to a security threat, you will put your company at risk of financial losses, failed audits, security breaches, or even damage to your reputation and a loss of customers.

Dedication And Knowledge

Instead of risking these consequences, you can have Atomic Group monitor your technology and company for any potential compliance issues. Thanks to our experience, we know the most common issues and are able to remediate them immediately. Even with the ever-changing IT world today, we make an effort to keep up with new technology, threats, and recommendations. Our team is able to dedicate our time to researching these changes so we can provide all of our clients, including your company, with the latest methods and searches. Thanks to our constantly updating knowledge, we will detect compliance issues well before an inexperienced third party would. This means that we can frequently finish the remediation process before you would even have noticed the compliance issue without our help.

Some Of Our Strategies

At Atomic Group, we use a range of strategies to ensure that your business follows IT compliance recommendations as well as those for security. We can make suggestions of how to strengthen your security, ensure that you are compliant with industry policies and regulations, and even manage IT operations for you. The last of these takes the stress off of your company as you do not even have to worry about compliance; our team will set up a process of IT management that is completely compliant and safe.

We can also handle configuration management for you. As with IT management options, configuration management from Atomic Group ensures that your company has the correct configurations in place to protect information and prevent unauthorized changes.

Remediation For Incidents

If an incident does occur, Atomic Group can manage it for you thanks to our knowledge and experience. Over the years, our team has provided remediation in a range of situations. This allows us to respond to compliance issues properly and ensure we keep the necessary records of the compliance and remediation. These records are crucial for preventing future similar problems, providing a solution that works if an issue recurs, and helping with any future IT audits.

We are so confident in our services at Atomic Group that we offer free consultations for potential clients. There is no requirement that you work with us just because you opted for the consultation. We want you to be completely satisfied with your service, which is why we are upfront about the services we offer and our estimates.